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Brief History
Of The Holy Synod
As of  12-16-15

Clergy, Parishes,
and Missions,
In the United States
and Canada 12-16-15

(In Progress)

Encyclical Concerning
The Veneration
Of Icons

His Beatitude
Visits America

Photos Of
His Beatitude's Visit

News From
the Holy Synod
As of  05-08-08
Orthodoxy VS Halloween
Calendar 12-16-15

Brief Pictoral Life of
Archbishop Andreas

Funeral of
Archbishop Andreas

Memorial Service for
Archbishop Andreas

Funeral of
Metroplolitan Epiphanios
of Cyprus (+2005)

Enthronements of
Metropolitans Panteleimon
and Ignatios 02-09-08

Consecration of
Holy Trinity Parish, Phoenix,
by Metropolitan Panteleimon
Nov. 4th, 2007 02-09-08

Consecration of Holy
Chrism by the Holy Synod
of the GOC 05-08-08

Encyclical by Holy Synod
Concerning the Cheirothesias

of 1971

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